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Are you considering adding one of our fur babies to your family?  Here's an overview of what the process looks like, so you know what to expect.



Why place a deposit on a puppy? If you have your heart set on one of our fur babies, there are a number of reasons why you would want to place a deposit.  Putting a deposit down will guarantee that we have a puppy reserved just for you.  No one else will be able to take it from you!  Often our puppies are reserved before they are even born, or old enough to go home, and placing a deposit will allow you to make sure you get the puppy you want.  By waiting until after the litter has arrived, or is ready to go home, you may miss out on the puppy that is right for your family.

How does placing a deposit work?  ****OUR DEPOSIT POLICIES HAVE RECENTLY CHANGED**** A deposit is a payment of $300 towards the total purchase price of your puppy.  It can be paid by cash, personal check, PayPal or Venmo.  The deposit is your way of saying "We want to be a part of the Farmland Furry Family!" and it is our guarantee to you that we will provide you with a healthy, happy, furry new family member!  The specifics of placing a deposit will depend on what stage of life the puppies are at when you are placing the deposit. You will be asked to complete our deposit contract at the time of placing your deposit.  Please contact us before completing the form.

          -Unborn-  If the puppy you would like to place a deposit for has not yet been born, your deposit will reserve your spot in an order of choice once the puppies are born.  After the litter has arrived, the first family to place a deposit on that litter will be able to decide if they would like to apply that deposit towards a male or a female, based on how many males/females are born in the litter.  Once the family is notified of the litter's arrival and of how many males and females there are, they will have 24 hours to make their decision.  The family is not required to choose which puppy they are getting, only which gender.  More on the choosing process below.  After the first family decides, the second family will get to choose, and then the third, and so on until all families with deposits have selected which gender they would like.  All deposits are nonrefundable except in special circumstances (please see "Refunds / What if I change my mind?"  and "What if the gender I want is not available?" for more info on our refund policy).  

           -Newborn to 6 weeks-  If the puppy you are placing a deposit for has already been born, but other families with deposits on that litter have not yet chosen a specific puppy, you will need to specify a gender at the time you place your deposit, and then wait until it is your turn to pick out your puppy.  Your deposit will not be refunded for any reason.

            -6+ weeks-  If all families with deposits have chosen their puppies, and you are placing a deposit for one of the remaining puppies in the litter, you must specify which puppy you are reserving at the time you place your deposit. Your deposit will not be refunded for any reason.

What if the gender that I want is not available?  Many families have a preference when it comes to the gender of their puppy, and if you are placing a deposit for an unborn litter you may be worried that you won't get the gender you would like.  Ultimately we don't get to decide or even influence how many males or females there will be in any litter, but our main concern is to provide you with a puppy that is healthy and well suited to your family.  We encourage you to tell us ahead of time if you would prefer one gender over the other, but we also advise you not to get your hopes up!  We have had litters of 7 boys and 1 lone girl before, and a litter of only 6 girls! While we like to think it's not too common, it's actually more common than we like to think.  Nature will do what nature does, we just get to enjoy the outcome :)  All of that being said, if you have placed a deposit and the gender that you wanted is not available for you, you will be presented with the following options:  1) Apply your deposit towards the opposite gender.  Boys and girls alike are all wonderful, and we think that you will love any of our Farmland Fur Babies!! :)  But we also understand having your heart set on something specific....  Option 2) You may apply your deposit in full towards any other puppy/litter we have available at that time or in the future. We will gladly talk through our anticipated litters and estimated timeframes to figure out which upcoming litter will be suitable for your family.  We will not refund a deposit if there are one or more puppies available from the litter but you decide not to go through with the adoption due to gender or any other reason.


Refunds / What if I change my mind?  We all know that life happens, you change your mind, find a puppy somewhere else, etc... The way this works is that a deposit is your promise to us as much as it is our promise to you.  It's our promise to raise and care for a healthy puppy for your family the best we know how to do, and to walk with you through the entirety of your dog's life from conception to the very end.  For us that doesn't just start when the puppy is born, or even when the puppy is conceived, but from the time that the parents of your puppy came under our care and every day since then. Another aspect of it begins the moment you first reach out to us as we help you navigate through this exciting step in your life and how that will look for your family. A deposit is also your promise to us, to care for the puppy that we have labored to provide you with.  We take our promises seriously and invest an incredible amount of time into our puppies and their prospective families.  If after placing a deposit you decide not to go through with the adoption process, your deposit will not be refunded.  There are rare cases in which we refund a deposit, and those cases are strictly limited to us not being able to provide the puppy that we promised to you.  The best example would be in the case of a miscarriage, or a litter not producing as many puppies as we received deposits for.  In the case where there is no puppy available to you from the litter you placed the deposit for, your deposit can be fully refunded or transferred to any future litter.  

Ok, I placed a deposit. Now what?  If you have placed a deposit on an unborn litter, or a litter that is too young to go to their forever homes yet, this means that you have some time to prepare for your new family member.  It is a good time to research methods of training, puppy classes in your area, line up a dog walker, buy necessary supplies, or whatever else you need to do to prepare your family for a puppy.  Maybe it will be planning a big surprise for your kids! We love the excitement of this time of waiting. Of course you will be updated by us with pictures of your growing baby! 😍

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Are there any requirements that I have to meet?  At Farmland Kennels we try to keep the process simple, while at the same time caring very much about the homes that our puppies go to.  We do not ask you to fill out an application, but please read through the following expectations and give us a call so we can chat further about how we can help you add a puppy to your family!

Experience:  If you have never owned a dog or puppy before, don't worry! This is not a requirement! However, it is extremely important that you are well prepared to bring a pet into your home.  While it's nice to think about puppy breath and snuggles and cute family pictures, the reality is that bringing a new puppy into your home is a lot of work and requires patience, dedication and preparedness.  You will need to make sure that your home is set up to accommodate a new puppy, that your schedule is conducive to frequent potty breaks throughout the day, and that you are equipped with the tools you need to intentionally train your puppy to become a respectful member of your household.  Puppies are SO cute and SO much fun, except...for when they're biting you, peeing on the floor, taking YOU for a walk instead of vice versa and chewing things they shouldn't.  Your experience and preparedness are vital to the success of your puppy's training, so if you are going to be a new puppy owner or would like a refresher on some training tips before bringing home your crazy bundle of love, please contact us and we would be happy to share our best advice and resources with you! For any new puppy owner, whether experienced or first-time, we HIGHLY suggest enrolling your puppy in obedience classes as soon as they are old enough to attend.

Family Dynamics:  If you are thinking about bringing home a new puppy, make sure you've taken time to consider the impact it may have on your family.  Puppies are such a joy!  They also require a lot of time and attention, so be sure you have the ability and energy to devote to the needs that your new puppy will have.  Things to consider - Is my property/yard a place where my dog can safely enjoy some freedom and playtime?  Will I have time to devote each day to training my puppy, taking them for walks and letting them out for potty breaks during the work day? Are all of the members of my family on board with this life change? *THIS IS HUGE!!!* If your spouse, parents, or whoever you live with are not in support, do NOT buy a puppy! Your marriage and other family relationships are more important :)  Other things you may need to ask:  How will my children do with a puppy? How will my other pets do with a puppy? If you are unsure about any of these questions, we would be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Spay/neuter:  Yes, we require you to spay/neuter your Farmland fur baby.  Before bringing your puppy home you will sign a contract stating that you agree to do so between 6-18 months of age and that you will not breed your puppy.  We sell our puppies to be family pets and therapy dogs, not for show or breeding. If you have medical or ethical reasons not to spay/neuter your dog by 18 months of age, please talk to us. Our priority is that our dogs are well cared for and not contributing to backyard breeders or puppy mills, so if you have a reason supported by your vet for not spaying/neutering within that timeframe we're happy to work with you. If you are a breeder or you are thinking you may want to have a litter of puppies with your dog someday, please be honest with us about that upfront and we are more than happy to talk with you. We love making connections with other breeders and do occasionally give exceptions to this rule for approved breeding programs.  However, if you have placed a deposit or purchased a puppy from us without disclosing to us your plans to breed, we reserve the right to refuse you the sale of the puppy without refund of your deposit, charge a fine for any puppies your dog has produced, or reclaim the dog unless proof of spay/neuter is given within 30 days.  We appreciate your honesty and would love to have a conversation with you if you intend to breed!


Choosing Your Puppy


Which one do we pick?!  "How are we supposed to choose?!" might be the most common question I hear from families, and one I will not address here. :) But here is how the picking process will work.  Families with deposits typically start choosing their puppies around 6 weeks old, or whenever the puppies have been fully examined by the vet.  By this time they are developing into what they will look like and starting to show glimpses of their personality.  Puppies will be chosen by order of deposit and specific to whichever gender the deposit holder has chosen.  You may choose your puppy online through pictures, videos and any descriptions of the puppies that I can relay to you from what I am able to observe. You are also welcome to come for a visit if that is a feasible option for you.  If you would like to choose in person, you will be allowed to come only once the puppies are fully weaned and have been seen by the vet.

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Visiting Us

We love company!  You are more than welcome to schedule a visit to our farm, to meet us and our furry friends!  We would love to meet you and show off our pups! :) Before you schedule your visit there are several "FYI's" to keep in mind.  

                -We do not allow Sunday visits or puppy pick up appointments, no exceptions.

               -The majority of our parent dogs are in guardian homes.  This means that they are being well loved and cared for by one of our wonderful foster families, and if you visit you might not get to meet them.  Read more on our guardian program below. In addition, we occasionally use sires from other breeders which do not live here and will not be available to meet. Keep this in mind when scheduling your visit, and please feel free to ask ahead of time which parents will be here.

                -Young puppies are very vulnerable to infections and diseases.  Due to the delicacy of our young puppies, and how important it is for us to preserve their health and well-being, we do not allow visitors to meet or interact with the puppies until they are fully weaned (5-6 weeks old).  

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Bringing Your Puppy Home

What is included with the puppy? All of our puppies are dewormed regularly and will have received any age appropriate shots before going to their forever home.  We will provide you with a schedule showing what vaccinations and dewormings your puppy has received. All of our puppies will undergo a full physical by a licensed veterinarian between 6 - 7 weeks of age.  We give a health guarantee with each of our puppies, which provides for any life threatening illness the puppy may have contracted while under our care, as well as any genetic defect which could shorten or alter the quality of the dog's life.  We also send home a sample of Diamond Puppy Food, a collar and a receiving blanket that has the mother and litter's scent on it. Lastly, but definitely not least, we are here to offer a lifetime of support for any questions, issues or needs that may arise regarding your puppy.  Welcome to Farmland's Furry Family! :) Our private Facebook group is a fun place for families of our puppies to connect and see their puppy's siblings grow.  Please note that this group is ONLY for families who have a deposit or have purchased one of our puppies.  All other member requests will be denied.

How should I prepare?  The day has finally arrived!!  You get to bring your new best friend home forever!  When the puppies are about 4 - 6 weeks old we will begin scheduling take home dates. The take home date will be on or shortly after the day the puppy turns 8 weeks old.  We are available Monday - Saturday, no Sunday pick up.  If you are traveling alone you will want to bring a pet carrier for the puppy to ride home in, otherwise they should travel well on a passenger's lap.  You will also want to bring a leash, a toy or two to occupy the puppy if you have a long trip, a large bath towel or blanket, as well as some paper towels, wipes and a plastic bag. You will also need to bring cash or a personal check for the balance due on the puppy, plus sales tax. We do not accept credit cards, Venmo or PayPal for the balance. 


What should I expect? When you arrive your puppy will be excited to see you and ready to go home!  We will take time to go over the puppy's vet records and our health guarantee/contract.  I allow plenty of time in my schedule when you come so that you don't feel rushed and can ask as many questions as you have.  I will send you home with a sample of Diamond Puppy food, all of the puppy's health information, a receipt for your payment and a copy of our contract and health guarantee.  

What if I can't pick up my puppy right away?  Our hope is that if you placed a deposit on a puppy, you will be able to take the puppy home within 1 week of the puppy turning 8 weeks old.  If you need us to hold your puppy for you longer than 7 days, we will be obligated to charge $25 per day, beginning the day the puppy turns 9 weeks old, plus $15 if an additional vaccination was required during that time. We want our puppies to be placed in their forever homes as quickly as possible so they can begin adjusting to their new life, and the older they get the more of our time and attention they require. They also eat more.... ;)  If you place a deposit on an older puppy that is already over 8 weeks, we will allow 7 days for you to pick up the puppy and begin charging $25 per day on the 8th day, as well as $15 for any additional shots that are needed.


Do you ship or deliver?  If you live too far away to come personally pick up your puppy, there are many safe and convenient options for getting the puppy to you, and we would be happy to talk through all of those options with you!  Many families opt for flying out and bringing the puppy home with them on the plane.  An 8-10 week old puppy can be safely and quite easily transported as your personal carry-on for a flight.  We will gladly meet you at the airport with your puppy!  (DTW, Detroit MI is the nearest convenient airport to us).  This has become increasingly popular, and has been a great option for many of our families! We charge $100 delivery to meet you at the Detroit airport, or $1/mile from our house to another airport.


 If flying is not the best option for you, we can have the puppy delivered to your home, or to a part way meeting location that is more convenient for you. We work with a local pet delivery service, and their fee to have the puppy driven to you is $1.25 per mile from my home to your home or the meeting location (not round trip). You can't find a more reasonable delivery rate! The other great benefit that sets our local shipper apart is that you will not have to pay the balance until the puppy reaches you! Our shipper can handle receiving the balance due on the puppy as well as the delivery fee. 


If you are purchasing or interested in one of our puppies and have concerns about getting your puppy home, please contact us.  We would be glad to help you make travel arrangements for your new furry friend!

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Our Guardian Program


What is it?   We have entrusted several members of our beloved canine family into the care of guardian/foster homes.  These homes are a wonderful blessing to us, to the dog that they are caring for, and to the dogs and puppies we keep at home.  Having guardian families gives each dog a wonderful, spoiled life, sometimes as the only pet in their family! And it also provides a trusted family with the ability to have a wonderful dog, and to journey through the adventure of watching their dog become a parent!  The reproductive aspect is all overseen by us and/or our veterinarian from start to finish.  For females who are in our guardian program they live here under our care from the time of preparation before delivery through the weaning of the puppies.  We occasionally are looking for guardian family prospects, so if you live within 1 hour of West Unity, OH and have interest in applying to become a guardian family please let us know!

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Anything we didn't cover? Just ask!  We would be happy to chat with you!

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