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Training Recommendations

The biggest key to a well behaved, four-legged friend, is YOU! And these training resources are perfect because they teach you how to teach your puppy or older dog. You can select courses, go through them at your own speed, and work at it from the comfort of your own home. Not only do you receive step-by-step training guides and videos at your fingertips, but you also get access to one-on-one advice from professional trainers whenever you need it! We REALLY want to see your puppy thriving as a well trained, respectful member of your family, and we know that our puppies can be that with the right training. In fact, a number of our Farmland pups have gone on to become therapy and service dogs, so if they can do it, you can do it!

We have partnered with Spirit Dog Training and Dunbar Academy to bring you the best online resources for your growing puppy. 

Brief overview:

- Spirit Dog Training is our recommendation for single classes or bundles and one-time purchase options.

- Dunbar Academy has a subscription based program that gives you full access to all of their material on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Both options offer superior resources, and we highly recommend them both!

The Ultimate Puppy Program gives you Lifetime Access to:​

  • Puppy Core Curriculum (70+ lessons with videos)

  • Training Habits and Rewards Mini Course

  • Attention Booster Mini Course

  • Hyperactivity Helper Mini Course

  • Stop Jumping Mini Course

  • Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini Course

  • Mastering Potty Training

  • Breed-Specific Puppy Raising

  • 14 Days for Better Focus eBook

  • Personal feedback from a professional trainer

  • Quizzes to test what your dog has learned

  • Certificates upon course completion

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • $400+ value for only $49

Access the Ultimate Puppy Program HERE, and watch your puppy transform! 

This course is perfect for the puppy or older dog who needs to work on self-control. This course gives you Lifetime Access to the following lessons:​

  • Teach your dog to come when called among all distractions

  • Understand the causes of reactivity, and fix them!

  • Build up impulse control around food and toys

  • Discover how to calm down your dog instantly

  • Teach your dog to settle on a mat anywhere, anytime

  • And more!!

The course also includes:

  • Personal feedback from a professional trainer

  • Quizzes to test what your dog has learned

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • $300+ value for only $99

Access the Perfect Focus Bundle HERE, and watch your dog transform into a pleasant, respectful member of your family! 

Interested in other Spirit Dog Training Courses? 
Spirit Dog

This program is based on a monthly or yearly subscription. The academy gives you access to all of their "Easy, Effective & Enjoyable" online courses which are full of valuable, comprehensive information. If you sign up at the following link, you will receive your first month free:


The academy offers a FREE "Guide to Getting a Puppy or Dog." Which covers various topics such as: what it takes to raise a puppy, how to choose a breed, how to choose a breeder, selecting your puppy, the differences between male and female, bringing your puppy home, new puppy training basics and more. 

You can also purchase lifetime access to individual courses, such as:

Our favorite "must have" puppy products

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you getting ready to bring your new puppy home, but not sure what supplies you will need?  With the help of other Farmland Families, we have compiled this list just for you!

**Diamond Puppy Food**

This is what your puppy will be eating, so we recommend having a bag on hand when you bring them home! If you choose to feed something else, transition slowly from Diamond to another food to avoid any possible tummy trouble.

We recommend a crate that will "grow" with your puppy. Make sure it's big enough for them when they're full grown, but don't forget a divider so that you can make the space smaller to avoid accidents during the puppy stage! You will want a 30"-36" for your Mini Goldendoodle, and a 42"-48" for your Golden Retriever or standard size doodle.

This is a great pack of supplies: leash, collapsible water bowl for traveling, and poop bags...  Good value with a variety of colors and sizes.

I love these "quiet" dog tags. No more messing with those keychain rings, and less chance of the tag coming off or getting caught on something.

The snuggle puppy will be a huge comfort to your new furry friend in their early days and weeks at home.

I definitely recommend a harness for your new puppy, especially while leash training. The harness is gentle on the puppy while giving you more control. 

A basic necessity that can be often overlooked! Food and water bowls! I like these elevated ones to help reduce spills. Or for the puppy who prefers to play in his food and water.... {ahem, I mean, none of MY puppies make a mess of their food. Ever. ;) }

Having a variety of toys is perfect for your new puppy! I love the indestructable rope toys in this set. There are also some fun activity balls and squeaky toys, a teething bone and even some poop bags. 

These bones are perfect for the teething puppy who needs to keep his or her mouth occupied! ;)

The FURminator grooming rake is my FAV for my adult Golden Retrievers. This is a MUST-HAVE for your Goldie!!

A must-have grooming tool for your Goldendoodle (especially for a curly coat) is this slicker brush.

Here are some great training tools! The treat pouch especially is super convenient, and clips right to your waist.

I can't say enough good things about this bed!! So many of our families have found this to be a very worthy investment. The elevated bed is super comfy for your pup, the airflow keeps them cool, and it's a great "place" if that will be a command you plan to teach.

My favorite good-smelling shampoo!

Are you planning to take any road trips with your pup? Playdates, romps in the park, vet appointments, trips to the beach, doggy day care? Having a seat cover has been a life-saver for our car! Drool, hair, motion-sickness, this thing catches anything that you don't want getting smeared into your seat. I don't have this exact one, but I have my eyes on this one for when I need an upgrade! 

Speaking of travel, make sure you and your pup stay safe in the car by keeping them restrained! The seat cover shown above comes with belts like this, but in case you want to buy them separate here they are:

Flying with your new puppy? You will be required to bring your little fur ball on board in an airline approved pet carrier. Check with your airline for dimension requirements, but I've found that this one is typically sufficient.

If your puppy is on the bigger side (a larger Golden Retriever or standard size Goldendoodle puppy), or if you just want more of a first-class experience for your pup's flight, this carrier is really nice because it provides extra space for the puppy to stretch their legs. 

Will you be taking your dog anywhere further than the vet or to a groomer? If so, check this out! It's the ultimate food and water bowl combo deal. It's a 32oz insulated water bottle that YOU can drink out of, a bowl you can pour water in for your doggie, and a separate bowl you can keep food in. It even comes with a carrying case, and it all screws together for a consolidated, mess-free snack on the go.

If you think there's a chance your puppy could walk in the house with muddy little you go. Wash those feet!

Hopefully you've been finding this list helpful! Below are more items that I hope will serve you well in your puppy journey. 

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